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Mallorquí, César

(1953-    ) Spanish author, son of the popular Pulp writer José Mallorquí, creator of famous characters such as El Coyote or Capitán Rido, inspired by Edmond Hamilton's Captain Future. He published twenty fantasy and sf novels, two collections and about thirty short stories and novellas. He was also a very popular writer in Spanish sf magazines, especially during the 1990s and 2000s, contributing both stories and articles.

Mallorquí started writing sf stories that won or were finalists for important Spanish awards, such as "El mensaje perdido" ["The Lost Message"] (1992 Cyber Fantasy 1) which won an Aznar Award in 1992 (later Pablo Rido Award), "La pared de hielo" ["The Ice Wall"] (1993 Cyber Fantasy 3) which won an Alberto Magno Award in 1992, and "Materia oscura" ["Dark Matter"] (December/January 1993-1994 BEM) which won a Domingo Santos Award in 1993. His early stories were collected in El círculo de Jericó ["Jericho's Circle"] (coll 1995). In 1995 he won the UPC Award with "El coleccionista de sellos" ["The Stamp Collector"] (in Premio UPC 1995, anth 1995), a fascinating detective novella set in the Spanish Civil War in which a Republican policeman investigates several mysterious murders of philately enthusiasts that could change the course of the war.

Shortly after, he began a successful career as a writer of young adult fiction that continues to this day, with fifteen sci-fi works and several mainstream. La fraternidad de Eihwaz ["Eihwaz Brotherhood"] (1998) is an adventure related to an ancient mystery set in a small village on the Galician coast. La catedral ["La Catedral"] (2000), winner of the Gran Angular Award, describes the construction of a cathedral at the time of the Templars and the Crusades. La Cruz de El Dorado ["The Eldorado Cross"] (2000), winner of the Edebé Award for young adult literature, narrates a fast-paced adventure in search of an ancient treasure in the Amazon jungle. Las lágrimas de Shiva ["Shiva's Tears"] (2002) is a thriller, also awarded with the Edebé, which narrates the search for a valuable necklace lost seventy years ago.

In recent years, Mallorquí has also published books for an adult audience. Leonís ["Leonís"] (2011) was a retelling of the legend of the tragic love between Tristan and Isolde, deeply rooted in Celtic mythology and traditions and set in the fictitious region of Umbria, which the author places in the north of Spain. La isla de Bowen ["Bowen's Island"] (2012), Edebé award, is a great homage to the adventure novels by Jules Verne or Arthur Conan Doyle in the form of a journey to the end of the world in search of a mythical island, a recommended story for all audiences. Finally, Trece monos ["Thirteen Monkeys"] (coll 2015) includes his latest stories, including the Ignotus Award-winning novella "Naturaleza humana" ["Human Nature"] and "El decimoquinto movimiento" ["The Fifteenth Movement"], also awarded the Ignotus and Pablo Rido.

More than a stylist, Mallorquí is a master storyteller specializing in young adult literature, although he still loves science fiction and, from time to time, writes a new story. [MV]

César Mallorquí

born Barcelona, Spain, June 10, 1953



Las lágrimas de Shiva ["Shiva's Tears"]

La estrategia del parásito ["Parasite's Strategy"]

Dan Diésel

individual titles



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