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Malmont, Paul

(1966-    ) US copywriter in the advertising industry, Comics writer and author whose Alternate History sequence, the Pulp Heroes sequence, comprising The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril (2006) and The Astounding, the Amazing, and the Unknown (2011), homages the world of Pulp magazines and Superheroes like Doc Savage through a gonzo Recursive narrative featuring "real" figures like Lester Dent, L Ron Hubbard and H P Lovecraft in venues they themselves had, in some sense, created; Isaac Asimov, L Sprague de Camp and Robert A Heinlein join the roster in the second volume, which is set in World War Two with the Nazis threatening to win, and the authors, who call themselves the Kamikaze Group, involved in a search fora Death Ray invented by Nikola Tesla in 1908. Malmont's singleton, Jack London in Paradise (2009), refigures the ploy (see Jack London). He also scripts Doc Savage, a Comic produced by DC Comics from 2010. [JC]

Paul H Malmont

born Washington, District of Columbia: 4 March 1966



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