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Marshall, Bruce

(1899-1987) Scottish author who served in both world wars, and whose first work of interest was As a Thief in the Night and Other Stories (coll 1919), almost certainly self-published; the title story is a Future War tale involving the Christian countries of the west against a barbarian China (see Yellow Peril). Father Malachy's Miracle: A Heavenly Story with an Earthly Meaning (1931) is a Fantasy in which the eponymous priest causes the magical transfer of a dance hall or night club called "The Garden of Eden" from Edinburgh to an Island in the outer Firth of Forth – perhaps via Telekinesis. Of sf interest was the Papacy sequence about a Near Future world in which the USSR controls the Vatican, beginning with The Bishop (1970), which set in what is recognizably our own world, and continuing with Urban the Ninth (1973), Operation Iscariot (1974), Marx the First (1975) and Peter the Second (1976). By the last volume the Pope is English, and allows priests to marry. [JC]

Lieutenant-Colonel Claude Cunningham Bruce Marshall

born Edinburgh, Scotland: 24 June 1899

died Biot, France: 18 June 1987




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