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Messmann, Jon

(1920-2004) US author perhaps best remembered for creating and writing as by Jon Sharpe most of the first 200 instalments of The Trailsman sequence of nonfantastic Westerns [not listed below]; this pseudonym eventually became a House Name. Much of Messmann's other nonfantastic work, for which no adequate bibliographical coverage exists, was written under various pseudonyms and house names, including Nick Carter. Some of his work edges into Horror in SF; of sf interest are some thrillers including Operation Snake (1969) as by Carter; The Haunting of Drumroe (1971) as by Claudette Nicole is horror; and The Deadly Deep (1974) involves a Near Future Invasion of Monsters from Under the Sea. [JC]

John Joseph Messmann

born 29 April 1920

died New York: 3 November 2004

works (highly selected)


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