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Montero, Rosa

(1957-    ) Spanish writer and journalist, author of seven fantasy and science fiction novels, plus fifteen mainstream books. She has taken part in some important anthologies, such as Mañana todavía: Doce distopías para el siglo XXI ["Still Tomorrow: Twelve Dystopias for the 21st Century"] (anth 2014) edited by Ricard Ruiz Garzón and Poshumanas: Antología de escritoras españolas de ciencia ficción ["Posthumans: Anthology of Spanish Science Fiction Female Writers"] (anth 2018, ed Lola Robles and Teresa López-Pellisa). Her works have been translated into more than twenty languages.

In the 1990s and 2000s, Montero wrote some fantasy novels: Temblor ["Tremble"] (1990) shows a Dystopian society in which a mist devours the world little by little and the female protagonist must discover the origin to prevent civilization from falling into oblivion, as it happens in The Neverending Story by Michael Ende with the search for a new name for the Childish Empress. El nido de los sueños ["Nest of Dreams"] (1991) is a Young Adult novella that takes place in a fantasy world imagined by a girl. In Bella y oscura [Beautiful and Dark] (1993) a girl is attracted by a dwarf woman who tells her fantastic tales. Historia del rey transparente ["The Story of the Transparent King"] (2005) is an epic novel set in the Middle Ages that tells the adventures of a young peasant girl who dresses in warrior clothes to protect herself from a violent world.

Montero wrote the Bruna Husky sf series composed of Lágrimas en la lluvia ["Tears in Rain"] (2011), El peso del corazón ["Weight of the Heart"] (2015) and Los tiempos del odio ["Time of Hate"] (2018), a trilogy starring a replicant detective who has an expiration date and questions her humanity; an obvious homage to the film Blade Runner (1982).

Rosa Montero is a very popular writer in Spain. She has won many important literature awards in Spain, Latin America and Europe, including the National Prize for Spanish Letters in 2017 and the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sports in 2022. At least one of her mainstream novels has been adapted for Cinema. [MV]

Rosa Montero

born Madrid, Spain: 3 January 1951



Bruna Husky

individual titles


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