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Mullen, R D

(1915-1998) US sf critic and scholar, now emeritus professor of English at Indiana State University. Mullen was a founding member of the Science Fiction Research Association. In 1973 he established Science Fiction Studies and was its publisher and, with Darko Suvin, its co-editor through 1978; he returned to the journal as an editor in 1991 and managing editor from the November 1991 issue. He and Suvin also edited Science-Fiction Studies: Selected Articles on Science Fiction 1973-75 (anth 1976) and Science-Fiction Studies: Second Series: Selected Articles on Science Fiction 1976-77 (anth 1978). On Philip K Dick: 40 Articles from Science-Fiction Studies (anth 1992) with Istvan Csicsery-Ronay, Arthur B Evans and Veronica Hollinger assembled some significant Philip K Dick criticism, plus some less useful strictly academic pieces. Mullen's editorial personality was relaxed, sensible, meticulous, and always demonstrated an eagerness to get the facts straight, qualities which also permeated his interesting criticism, mostly published in Extrapolation and Science Fiction Studies. [PN]

Richard Dale Mullen

born Mountain View, Missouri: 30 September 1915

died Terre Haute, Indiana: 8 August 1998



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