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Nunes, Claude

(1924-2009) South African statistician and author, most of whose work was in collaboration with his wife Rhoda Nunes (1938-1988). They published their first sf story, "The Problem", in Science Fantasy #52, April 1962, and were active for the next two decades. Inherit the Earth (March 1963 Science Fiction Adventures as by Claude and Rhoda Nunes; exp 1966 dos) was published as by Nunes alone, as his wife participated less than usual in the rewrite; in it the telepathic Androids who inhabit a Ruined Earth – after a nuclear Holocaust has driven humanity to the stars – hope one day to teach their makers how to live in peace. Recoil (1971) was published as by both; in a rather archaic style it tells of Telepathic Aliens and their attempts to influence humans, specifically a group of children. The Sky Trapeze (1980), by Nunes alone, again concentrated on the powers of the mind, this time in an alien venue. [JC]

Claude Nunes

born Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa: 14 April 1924

died Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa: 2009



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