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Palumbo, Dennis

(1951-    ) US author who began publishing work of interest with a Perry Rhodan story, "I (Alone) Stand in a World of Legless Humans" (in Perry Rhodan #105: Wonderflower of Utik, anth 1976, edited by Forrest J Ackerman and Pat LoBrutto). In his sf novel, City Wars (1979), set decades after The Levelling when a nuclear Holocaust had flattened America, several seceding city-states engage in a Post-Holocaust Great War which leads, through a terminal conflict between New York and Chicago, towards the End of the World. The cast-members, who include Mutants called "lunks" and a woman called Cassandra, find no solace anywhere. He is not to be confused with Dennis James Palumbo (1929-2006), a much-published political scientist. [JC]

Dennis Palumbo

born Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: 1951



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