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Parry, Michel

(1947-2014) Belgian-born anthologist, screenwriter and author, in the UK from childhood; he also wrote or edited as by Carlos Cassaba, Nick Fury, Christopher Lee (having known the actor for many years) Steve Lee, Linda Lovecroft and Eric Pendragon. Of the films he scripted, Xtro (1982) is of sf interest. Almost all of his fiction was horror, his first publication of genre interest being "The Last Bus" in Tandem Horror 2 (anth 1968) edited by Richard Davis, and his first novel being Countess Dracula (1971); some titles, like Agro (1971 as by Nick Fury; rev 1975 under his own name), approached sf. Most of his Anthologies, for which he was perhaps best known, were also horror, though sf content (see Horror in SF) could be found in various titles, and some – like The Rivals of Frankenstein (anth 1977) in the Rivals sequence, or Spaced Out (anth 1978), or Sex in the 21st Century (anth 1979) with Milton Subotsky, or Santa 2000 (anth 1984) – contain mostly sf tales, mostly reprints. [JC]

Michel Patrick Parry

born Brussels, Belgium: 7 October 1947

died 1 November 2014 [date his death was reported]

works (selected)

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Mayflower Books of Black Magic

Reign of Terror


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