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Pausewang, Gudrun

(1928-2020) Czechoslovakia-born teacher and author, mostly in West Germany from around 1948, some of whose adult novels deal with World War Two in general and the Holocaust in particular. Of her nearly 100 titles, many are addressed to the Young Adult market, including Die Letzten Kinder von Schewenborn oder ... sieht so unsere Zukunft aus?: Erzählung (1983; trans Norman Wyatt as The Last Children of Schevenborn 1988; vt The Last Children 1989), told through the eyes of a young protagonist who, after a nuclear attack (see World War Three), experiences radiation sickness and the death of his community, without any hope being offered of anyone's survival; and Die Wolke (1987; trans Patricia Crampton as Fall-Out 1994) describes the inexorable deterioration in the health of the young survivor of a nuclear Disaster until, bald and ill, she speaks out for fellow victims, who call themselves Hikabushi, after those who survived Hiroshima. [JC]

Gudrun Pausewang

born Wichstadtl, Bohemia, Czechoslovakia [now Czech Republic]: 3 March 1928

died Baunach, Germany: 23 January 2020



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