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Pincher, Chapman

(1914-2014) Indian-born biologist, journalist, and author of some fiction and considerable journalism; in the UK after 1918, where he began publishing nonfiction books of popular science in the 1940s. In his first sf novel, Not with a Bang (1965), an anti-age Drug brings Immortality and eternal youth to the western nations, only for the USSR to poison the immortals with nuclear radiation, turning them into wizened gnomes who opt for mass Suicide while the as-yet-untreated young look on in horror; finally, though, China invades Russia and the two nations destroy one another, leaving the world free for capitalism. The Giantkiller (1967) is borderline sf in its portrait of a rabid union leader attempting to take over the nation. The Penthouse Conspirators (1970) is a Technothriller involving a sunk nuclear submarine. The Eye of the Tornado (1976) makes a good Near Future guess about British Politics with its UK prime minister Margaret Fletcher (Margaret Thatcher was elected in 1979). One Dog and her Man by Dido (1991; vt My Life as a Real Dog: by Dido 1995) is a Satirical discourse on the uneasy relationship between canines and humans, told by a dog [for Talking Animals, see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below]. [JC/AR]

Harry Chapman Pincher

born Ambala, Punjab, India: 29 March 1914

died Kintbury, Berkshire: 5 August 2014



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