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Pollotta, Nick

Working name of US author Nicholas Angelo Pollotta (1954-2013), most of whose work in sf and other genres was under pseudonyms or House Names, including James Axler, Jack Hopkins and Don Pendleton, but who began publishing sf with Illegal Aliens (1989), with Phil Foglio providing extensive illustrations for this comic novel about a street gang in New York which hamstrings the attempts of Aliens to manipulate our planet. The Satellite Night series, beginning with Satellite Night News (1993) as by Jack Hopkins, is a similarly light-hearted tale featuring the comical but competent employees at a (seemingly anachronous) twenty-third century news channel. Most Pollotta's further work is fantasy – or, in the case of Ties to the Don Pendleton enterprise, action thrillers – with the exception of his several contributions to the James Axler Deathlands sequence of Survivalist Fiction tales set in a Ruined Earth about a century after the nuclear Holocaust which ends civilization. [JC]

Nicholas Angelo Pollotta

born Saddlebrook, New Jersey: 26 August 1954

died Chicago, Illinois: 13 April 2013



Bureau 13

For the Bureau 13 game background, see Stalking the Night Fantastic.

Satellite Night


individual titles



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