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Reichert, Mickey Zucker

Working name of US medical doctor and author Miriam Zucker Reichert (1962-    ), who began publishing work of genre interest with "Homecoming" for Space & Time for Winter 1989. Almost all of her fiction has been fantasy [selected titles only in Checklist]; but her ninth novel, The Unknown Soldier (1994), is an sf tale about an Amnesiac soldier whose treatment in hospital is complicated by doubts over his origins in time and space, and interrupted by guerrilla assaults; his character and feats are reminiscent of those of Reichert's fantasy protagonists. The medical side of the tale is perhaps more sustained than the sf side. [JC]

Miriam Susan Zucker Reichert

born 1962

works (selected)


Bifrost Guardians


Renshai Trilogy

Renshai Chronicles

Flight of the Renshai

The Books of Barakhai

Isaac Asimov's Robot City

individual titles


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