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Reid, C Lestock

(1888-1954) India-born UK army officer and author, in active service during World War One. His adventure novels include The Trail of Pharaoh's Treasure: A Romance of Africa (1924); Sons of Solomon (1931), a Lost Race tale also set in Africa, sadly defaced for modern readers by its racism (see Race in SF); and Dark Destiny (1936). Revenge with a Vengeance (1952) enters Technothriller territory with a renewed German plot to conquer the world using a secret radar beam of unusual versatility (see Rays), capable not only of stopping car and aeroplane engines but of functioning as a Death Ray. [JC/SH/DRL]

Claude Lestock Reid

born Kurseong, Bengal, India: 29 August 1888

died Henley, Oxfordshire: 29 November 1954

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