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Return to Jupiter

Australian tv series (1997). Film Australia. Executive producers include Ron Saunders and Kagari Tajima. Produced by Terry Jennings. Directors include Paul Faint and Robert Kenner. Written by David Ogilvy. Cast includes Anna Choy, Jeanette Cronin, Dominic Elmaloglou, Emma Jane Fowler, Colin Moody, Justin Rosniak, Daniel Taylor, Sonia Todd and David Wenham,. Thirteen 25-minute episodes. Colour.

This colorful juvenile miniseries, a sequel to Escape from Jupiter (1994), is set several years later and follows up some of the earlier characters while introducing several new ones. Michael (Taylor), Gerard (Rosniak), and Kumiko (Choy) from the earlier series, now older and more mature, embark on a mission from earth under Commander Dent (Todd) to deliver vital cargo to a mining colony on Jupiter's moon Ganymede. The younger troublemakers this time around are Abe (Elmaloglou) who stows away just before takeoff, and Zac (Fowler), whom they pick up along with her cowardly Robot Quadro after they crash-land on Mars. The crew encounters a pair of over-the-top pirates on Mars, Selbie (Moody) and Glovic (Cronin), who become their nemeses for the remainder of the series. They escape from Mars and continue the mission, but more problems ensue, including insufficient fuel, the mysterious disappearance of the Ganymede colonists, and the further machinations and scenery-chewing of the pirates; but Gerard, Kumi and their friends are able to avert catastrophe with the help of the resident Scientist Dr Ghrobak (Wenham). [LW]


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