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Robinson, Philip Bedford

(1926-1986) UK author who worked in India 1950-1958. The deracinated protagonist of Masque of a Savage Mandarin (1969; vt Masque of a Savage Mandarin: A Comedy of Horrors 1974) takes symbolic revenge upon the world via the systematic destruction – by electromagnetic Rays resembling microwave radiation – of a hapless, innocent neighbour's brain (see Horror in SF). In the 1970s, Robinson wrote several early nonfiction texts on Computers, including Computer Programming (1972). He should not be confused with the Philip Robinson (no middle name) who has published occasional horror stories since 1998. [JC/DRL]

Philip Bedford Robinson

born Portsmouth, Sussex: 10 December 1926

died Surrey: February 1986


nonfiction (selected)


Entry from The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (2011-current) edited by John Clute and David Langford.
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