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Roessner, Michaela

Working name of US author Michaela-Marie Roessner-Herman (1950-    ), whose first novel, the widely admired Walkabout Woman (1988), is a Fantasy interestingly rooted in Australian Aboriginal mythology; she received the John W Campbell Award for that year. Her second novel, Vanishing Point (1993) is, however, sf. Set in California thirty years after the mysterious disappearance of 90% of the human race, and climaxing in the Keep-like Winchester Mystery House in San José (a real building), the story concerns the efforts of the protagonist and others to plumb the depths of the mystery; but if there is a single explanation it is not – after a fashion typical of the sf writers who came to maturity in the 1990s – vouchsafed to the searchers, though the rhetoric of virtual particle Physics is invoked, and hitches in the universe-wide unfolding of Cosmological destiny are suggested, along with a sense that Parallel Worlds might be far more distressingly complex than normally depicted in sf. The Stars Dispose sequence beginning with The Stars Dispose (1997) is fantasy set in Renaissance Florence. [JC]

Michaela-Marie Roessner-Herman

born San Francisco, California: 27 January 1950



Stars Dispose

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