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Roger, Aristide

Working name of French physician and author Pierre-Jules Aristide Rengade Roger (1841-1915), whose Aventures extraordinaires de Trinitus; ou le Voyage sous les flots, rédigés d'après le journal de bord de l'Éclair (first appeared October 1867-last instalment unknown Le Petit Journal; 1868; trans Brian Stableford as Voyage Beneath the Waves 2013) is a Fantastic Voyage clearly under the general influence of Jules Verne, though in fact this tale of an Under the Sea voyage of exploration in an advanced submarine does precede even the 1869 magazine version of Vingt mille lieues sous les mers (1870; trans Louis Mercier as Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas 1872) [for details see entry]. Roger also wrote as Jules Rengade. [JC]

Pierre-Jules Aristide Rengade Roger

born Aurillac, Auvergne, France: 1841

died 1915

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