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Rohmer, Richard H

(1924-    ) Canadian soldier (retired with the rank of Major-General), lawyer and author whose novels almost invariably express a sense of fragile Paranoia about the political and economic prospects for his native land, thinly stretched as it is along the American border. The Robert Porter sequence comprising Ultimatum (1973) and Exxoneration (1974) deals directly with Canadian-US conflicts in a Near-Future frame, as America attempts to force Canada to provide it with the oil it needs to survive; the Joseph Roussel sequence, comprising Exodus UK (1975) and Separation (1976; rev vt Separation Two 1981), describes a forced emigration from the UK (because oil supplies are diminishing), then turns inward to express a similarly uneasy paranoia about separatism; the President John Hansen sequence, comprising Balls! (1979), Periscope Red (1980) and Triad (1981), deals worriedly with similar material; as do Retaliation (1982) and Starmageddon (1986). [JC]

Major-General Richard Heath Rohmer

born Hamilton, Ontario: 24 January 1924



Robert Porter

Joseph Roussel

President John Hansen

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