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Rorvik, David

(1946-    ) US journalist specializing in scientific and medical issues, whose pseudo-nonfiction book In His Image: The Cloning of a Man (1978) claimed that the author had been involved in the 1973 creation of a Clone of a specific human being described as a wealthy businessman called Max. This caused both sensation and controversy, and led to a lawsuit filed against the publisher by UK scientist Derek Bromhall (whose name was used without permission, along with portions of his doctoral thesis); in pre-trial proceedings the judge termed the book a "fraud and a hoax", though Rorvik himself continued to insist on the accuracy of its description of cloning. In His Image is generally regarded as fictional. Rorvik's earlier As Man Becomes Machine. The Evolution of the Cyborg (1971) is a useful study of Cyborg developments at that time. The Sharing: A Novel of Psychosexual Terror (1982; vt Sabra 1983 as Rorvik) as by M M Faraday verges on the fantastic. [DRL]

David Michael Rorvik

born Circle, Montana: 1 November 1946

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