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Rutter, Owen

(1889-1944) UK soldier, publisher and author who served in World War One and whose Tiadatha sequence, a parody of The Song of Hiawatha (1855) by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882) beginning with The Song of Tiadatha (1919 The Balkan News as by Klip-Klip; 1919), is a book-length Parody set in and after the conflict; it contains fantasy elements. The Dragon of Kinabalu (coll 1923) assembles short fantasies. Lucky Star (1929; vt Once in a New Moon 1935), filmed as Once in a New Moon (1935), is a spoofish sf Satire depicting a small English community cast into space on a portion of the Earth, where they go about their village concerns until returning to the North Sea. The echoes of Jules Verne's Hector Servadac (1877) may be deliberate. The Monster of Mu (1932) [for vt see Checklist] is a Lost-World tale featuring cruel priests of Mu, a race of threatened pygmies, and a Monster which protects their sunken Island (see Under the Sea) from intruders. [JC]

Major Edward Owen Rutter

born 7 November 1889

died 2 August 1944




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