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Saintcrow, Lilith

(1976-    ) US author of several series in closely associated genres, most of them incorporating more than one mode: the mix usually involves paranormal romance topoi, sometimes in connection with Vampires, sometimes with Werewolves; and Urban Fantasy [see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below], sometimes set in the Near Future. Her first series, the Watcher sequence beginning with Dark Watcher (2004), is an historical fantasy that edges towards some underlying sf assumptions, but does not explicate them, as the protagonist, cursed/blessed with Psi Powers, fights dark forces; The Society sequence also features operatives with some sf-like abilities.

Saintcrow's urban fantasies include the Dante Valentine sequence, beginning with Working for the Devil (2006) and assembled as Dante Valentine: The Complete Series (omni 2011), whose protagonist is a necromancer on hire to the Devil as a bounty hunter in a Near Future world where the supernatural and the natural co-exist; the very similar Jill Kismet sequence, beginning with Night Shift (2008) and assembled as Jill Kismet: The Complete Series (omni 2013), whose protagonist is a former prostitute become exorcist and fights demons; and the Dru Anderson sequence as by Lily St Crow, beginning with Strange Angels (2009) and assembled as Strange Angels: Strange Angels and Betrayals (omni 2011), whose protagonist, in a very similar world, is the hunted rather than the hunter.

Of more direct sf interest is the Bannon and Clare sequence of Steampunk adventures beginning with The Iron Wyrm Affair (2012), and set in an Alternate History version of London called Londinium where magic works and clockwork creatures roam. The characters and plotting differ here in some particulars from her other work. [JC]

Lilith Saintcrow

born New Mexico: 1976




The Society

Dante Valentine

Rosemary Ames

Jill Kismet

Dru Anderson

Romance of the Aquitaine

Bannon and Clare

Tales of Beauty and Madness

Gallow and Ragged

Hostage of Empire

individual titles



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