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Sanders, Lawrence

(1920-1998) US author best known for the Deadly Sin novels (The First Deadly Sin was filmed in 1980) and for the thriller The Anderson Tapes (1970), filmed in 1971. The Tomorrow File (1975) depicts a Near-Future America on a large canvas. At the Dystopian heart of the book can be found the Department of Bliss (Satisfaction Section), whose functions in a jaded country are pejoratively analysed. Of his many remaining books, some – like The Tangent Factor (1978) (from the Peter Tangent sequence) and The Sixth Commandment (1978) (from the Commandment sequence) dealing with a search for Immortality – are borderline sf. The Passion of Molly T (1984) depicts a near future in Feminist terms. As Mark Upton, he wrote a fantasy, Dark Summer (1979). [JC]

see also: Pulp.

Lawrence Arthur Sanders

born New York: 15 March 1920

died Pompano Beach, Florida: 7 February 1998



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