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Sapir, Richard Ben

(1936-1987) US author who published some borderline fantasy as by Richard Ben and, as Richard Sapir and in collaboration with Warren B Murphy, large parts of the Destroyer series of spoof thrillers featuring the Doc Savage-like adventures of Remo Williams, a White Superhero (and avatar of Shiva the Destroyer) trained in the paranormal combat arts of Sinanju. The Assassin's Handbook (coll 1982; rev vt Inside Sinanju 1985) as by Sapir and Murphy (in fact by Will Murray) is an amused (and amusing) companion to the sequence. Sapir is of sf interest in his own right mainly for The Far Arena (1978), a Sleeper-Awakes tale in which a Roman gladiator, having offended the Emperor Domitian, is cast upon an ice floe where he freezes until resuscitated in the twentieth century; his responses to the contemporary world are illuminatingly critical. In The Body (1983) the remains of Christ are apparently discovered; in Quest (1987) the Holy Grail is discovered and becomes the object of a violent modern-day quest. [JC]

see also: Cryonics; Suspended Animation.

Richard Ben Sapir

born New York: 27 July 1936

died New Hampshire: 27 January 1987



Destroyer (gaps in chronology mark titles Sapir did not contribute to)

individual titles (selected)


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