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Sarti, Ron

(?   -    ) US academic and author of The Chronicles of Scar sequence, comprising The Chronicles of Scar (1996), Legacy of the Ancients (1997) and The Lanterns of God (1998); set in a balkanized Ruined Earth version of America, the tale is constructed along lines familiar in contemporary fantasy, for the young protagonist, the eponymous Scar, is a Hidden Monarch (see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below). The first volume can also be read as an exercise in Military SF. Scar's growth into a worthy leader, unusually convincing in this moderately long tale, leads to the discovery in the more complex later volumes that the land is to inherit owes its nature to Secret Masters. [JC]

Ron Sarti




The Chronicles of Scar


Entry from The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (2011-current) edited by John Clute and David Langford.
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