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Film (1973). Gazotski Films. Written and directed by John Landis. Cast includes Eliza Garrett, Saul Kahn, Landis and Joseph Piantadosi. 77 minutes. Colour.

This was the feature debut of 22-year-old Landis, who went on to bigger things with The Blues Brothers (1980) and An American Werewolf in London (1981), among others. Low-budget, made in two weeks, it is a genuinely funny and affectionate (though deeply undergraduate) Parody of Monster Movies in general, and Trog (1970) and the Apes as Human subgenre in particular. Landis plays the caveman Schlockthropus (in a costume designed by Rick Baker, whose effects debut this was) who gets to terrify the populace, play boogie on the piano, and form an erotic liaison with a blind girl who rejects him horrifiedly when she regains her sight because she had thought he was a dog. [PN]


Entry from The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (2011-current) edited by John Clute and David Langford.
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