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Schwarz, Mauricio-José

(1955-    ) Mexican author and photographer who for seven years had an sf column in the country's daily newspaper Excelsior; he has lived in Spain since 1999. He is the author of about 50 short stories, many sf or horror. Schwarz was the first winner, in 1984, of the Puebla Award for Best SF Short Story in Mexico with his tale "La pequena guerra" ["The Smallest War"]. Some of his stories are collected in Escenas de la realidad virtual ["Scenes from Virtual Reality"] (coll 1991) and Más allá no hay nada ["Out Beyond, There Is Nothing"] (coll 1996; 2012 ebook). In 1991 Schwarz founded and edited the sf Semiprozine Estacosa ["Thisthing"], of which two issues appeared 1991-1992. He was part-author of the Latin America entry in the second edition of this encyclopedia.

He and Don Webb (1960-    ) coedited the first joint United States-Mexico sf anthology, Frontera de espejos rotos ["Border of Broken Mirrors"] (anth 1994), about the border clashes between the two neighbour nations. His short story "Destellos en vidrio azul" ["Glimmerings on Blue Glass"] (in Más allá no hay nada) was included in Cosmos Latinos (anth 2003) edited by Andrea L Bell and Yolanda Molina-Gavilán. [MAFD/PN]

Mauricio-José Schwarz

born Mexico City, Mexico: 2 February 1955


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