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SFRA Newsletter

US Digest-format magazine, the official newsletter, mostly monthly, of the Science Fiction Research Association; founded 1971, current, 215 issues to January/February 1995, edited by Fred Lerner (1971-1974), Beverly Friend (1974-1978), Roald Tweet (1978-1981), Elizabeth Anne Hull (1981-1984), Richard W Miller (1984-1987), Robert A Collins (1987-1989), Betsy Harfst (1989-1992), Daryl F Mallett (1993-1994) and Amy Sisson (1994-    ). Aside from news of specific interest to SFRA's mostly academic members, the newsletter has published much material of general interest, including Pilgrim-Award speeches, but is most obviously of use for its book reviews, which, though very intermittent to August 1987, became a regular feature from the September 1987 issue (#151) onward. Books about sf and fantasy are covered very fully and well; reviews of sf are variable in quality, but still useful. Collected reviews from SFRA Newsletter form a substantial part of those published in Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Review Annual (begun 1988), whose editors, Robert A Collins and Robert Latham, have been stalwarts of SFRA Newsletter. Other important SFRA Newsletter contributors have been Neil Barron and Michael Klossner. From #194, January/February 1992, the magazine changed its name to SFRA Review, which better describes its function. [PN]

Entry from The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (2011-current) edited by John Clute and David Langford.
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