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Shefner, Vadim

(1915-2002) Russian author known mostly for his poetry (from circa 1940) and mainstream fiction. Two short novels, "Čelovek s pjatio 'Ne'" (1967 Zvezda nr 4; trans Alice Stone Nakhimovsky and Alexander Nakhimovsky as "The Unman") and Devushka u obryva ili Zapiski Kovrigina ["Kovrigin's Chronicles"] (1964 Literature Rossija nrs 39-44, 46; 1970; trans Antonina W Bouis as "Kovrigin's Chronicles"), were published together as The Unman; Kovrigin's Chronicles (omni 1980). Both are – like other work assembled as Skromny Genii ["A Modest Genius"] (coll 1974), Imia Dlia Ptitsy ["The Name for the Bird"] (coll 1976), Kruglaia Taina ["The Round Mystery"] (coll 1977) and Skazki Dlia Unmykh ["Fairy-Tales for Smart Ones"] (coll 1985) – poetical and sometimes ironical borderline fantasies: modern urban fairy-tales. Shefner's full-length novel, Latchuga Dolzhnika ["A Debtor's Hovel"], is a mature literary work, combining elements of sf with those of philosophical prose. He received the Russian Aelita Award in 2000. [VG]

see also: Scientists.

Vadim Sergeevich Shefner

born Petrograd, Russia: 12 January 1915

died St Petersburg, Russia: 5 January 2002



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