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Sierra, Javier

Working name of Spanish journalist and author Javier Sierra Albert (1971-    ) whose first novel, La dama azul (1998; trans James Graham as The Lady in Blue 2007), presents a conspiracy-drenched rendering of the life of a seventeenth-century nun with the powers of temporal bilocation (see Pseudoscience; Psi Powers; Timeslip) who has appeared to Native Americans of her own era and, in dreams, to a twenty-first century woman in Los Angeles (see California), where much of the action takes place. The Roman Catholic Church, acting from Rome, attempts to silence this scandal. El ángel perdido (2010 ebook; trans Carlos Frias as The Lost Angel 2011), which features terrorists claiming descent from exiled angels, is perhaps less securely argued. [JC]

Javier Sierra Albert

born Teruel, Aragon, Spain: 11 August 1971

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