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Stewart, Michael [2]

UK author (1945-    ), most of whose novels are medical thrillers, although Monkey Shines (1983), filmed by George A Romero as Monkey Shines (1988), uses the sf premise that a monkey may have her intelligence successfully augmented through the injection of human genetic material (see Apes as Human); the experiment ends tragically. Other thrillers with sf elements include Far Cry (1984), Blindsight (1987), Prodigy (1988), which also includes elements of occult horror, Grace (1989), a medical Technothriller, Birthright (1990), in which a feral child turns out to be a Neanderthal, and is threatened with human exploitation, Belladonna (1992), a ghost story with hints that alchemy and particle physics may address the same reality, and Compulsion (1994). His books are lean and shapely, but despite their concision may be insufficiently edgy for contemporary taste. [JC]

see also: Anthropology.

Michael Stewart

born Belfast, Northern Ireland: 25 June 1945



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