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US Digest-size magazine. Published by Farrell Publishing Co, Chicago. Edited by Theodore Irwin. Four quarterly issues, Spring 1951 to Winter 1952.

Suspense was based on the CBS Radio series of the same name, which ran for some 945 episodes from 17 June 1942 to 30 September 1962. It included the script of one episode per issue, and also contained a mixture of detective, weird, sf and fantasy stories, including some reprints. The authors included Theodore Sturgeon and John Wyndham, and there was a new Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser story from Fritz Leiber, "Dark Vengeance" (Fall 1951; vt "Claws from the Night" in Two Sought Adventure coll 1957). The unusual mixing of genres may have accounted for Suspense's rapid demise. [FHP/PN]

see also: Suspense Tales.


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