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Taylor, D J

(1960-    ) UK literary critic, biographer and author whose novels have normally not ventured into the fantastic; of sf interest, however, is The Windsor Faction (2013), an Alternate History tale set at the end of the 1930s in Britain, with Edward VIII (who in the real world abdicated in 1936) still on the throne (see Jonbar Point). Though affected by a demureness typical of Mainstream Writers of SF, the novel does make it clear that a Hitler Wins scenario has been initiated, with Germanophiles like Beverley Nichols, and other real and imagined characters, prepared to welcome a peace with Hitler. The Britain Taylor depicts is similar to that posited in Jo Walton's earlier Small Changes sequence and less interestingly elsewhere. [JC]

David John Taylor

born Norwich, Norfolk: 22 August 1960

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