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Tomorrow [fanzine]

UK Fanzine edited and published by Douglas W F Mayer for the Leeds, Yorkshire, Science Fiction Association, of which Tomorrow was the official organ. Seven issues, Spring 1937 to Autumn 1938; #1 to #4 (Winter 1938) duplicated half-quarto (5 x 8 in); thereafter lithographed US quarto (8½ x 11 in). Quarterly.

The change of format after issue #4 coincided with the incorporation of Walter Gillings's fanzine Scientifiction. Besides Mayer himself, contributors to Tomorrow included Frank Edward Arnold, I O Evans, Walter Gillings, Benson Herbert, Professor A M Low (who along with Olaf Stapledon was boasted of as an Honorary Member of SFA), Festus Pragnell, M P Shiel, William F Temple, Eric C Williams and Donald A Wollheim. The motto of the fanzine was "WHAT IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR TODAY IS MUCH TOO BAD FOR TOMORROW." Both content and production values were outstanding for the time, but the cost of litho printing made Tomorrow unsustainable.

Other SFA publications included Amateur Science Stories and Novae Terrae. [DRL]

see also: The Futurian; The Satellite.


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