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Véron, Pierre

(1831-1900) French journalist and author, some of whose sketches and tales are of sf interest, including those assembled as The Merchants of Health and Other Fantastic Stories (coll trans Brian Stableford from various sources 2015). The title story – originally published as Les Marchands de Santé (1862) – is a Satire on the medical profession set on a fantasticated planet; Monsieur Personne (1864; here trans as "Monsieur Nobody") is a Future History focused on Paris in the twentieth century. In his introduction, Brian Stableford argues that Véron's work clearly prefigures Albert Robida's later and more elaborate presentations of word and image. [JC]

Pierre Véron

born Paris: 19 April 1831

died Paris: 3 November 1900

works (highly selected)


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