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Vinicoff, Eric

(1951-    ) US editor and author who began to publish work of genre interest with "To Live in Alloy Continuity" in Analog for November 1975 with Marcia Martin, writing several short stories with her as well as Spacing Dutchman (1978 chap), a novelette, and the full-length The Weigher (1992), set on a planet whose discovery by humans (see First Contact) is seen from the viewpoint of the hugely ferocious natives, whose exceedingly precarious culture could plausibly have been intended as a Satire on Libertarianism. To date, his one solo novel has been Maiden Flight (1988), a Post-Holocaust story which, like many from the last decades of the twentieth century, sees the destruction of the current world civilization essentially in terms of the opportunities it presents for making a better future. Vinicoff's America, like a great adventure playground, rewards the high-tech citizens of the new order who occupy it, en passant fighting off a local menace before settling into productive relationships.

Vinicoff founded and edited Rigel, a competent Small Press Prozine, from 1981 until it ceased publication in 1983. [JC]

Eric Vinicoff

born 15 November 1951



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