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Walker, Hugh

Pseudonym of Austrian author Hubert Straßl (1941-    ), whose Magira sequence – featuring a character who first creates a Wargame and then becomes absorbed within it – begins with Reiter der Finsternis (1975; trans Christine Priest as War-Gamers' World 1978), Das Heer der Finsternis (1975; trans Christine Priest as Army of Darkness 1979), Boten der Finsternis (1976; trans Christine Priest as Messengers of Darkness 1979), and continues with further not-yet translated titles, Dämonen der Finsternis ["Demons of Darkness"] (1978), Gefangene der Finsternis (1979) and Diener der Finsternis (1979). The protagonist's adventures in his Virtual Reality increasingly take on a Science Fantasy colour. [JC]

Hubert Straßl

born Linz, Austria: 4 February 1941





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