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Wallace, Doreen

Working name of UK author Dora Eileen Agnew Wallace Rash (1897-1989), author of much popular fiction over a 65-year career. Forty Years On (1958) is set in the fens of Eastern England on the Isle of Ely (in fact not an island but a marsh-surrounded raised village surmounted by the famous cathedral) after a nuclear Holocaust, which had the virtue of solving at one blow the problem of Overpopulation. Here, under pastoral guidance, a chaste rural Fabian Utopia is soon founded (see Cosy Catastrophe), and survives Post-Holocaust tribulations. Much late, the narrator visits other – visibly less blessed – parts of the fragmented Ruined Earth shambles that Britain as a whole has succumbed to, with cannibalism and American pop songs creating general misery among the survivors, mostly working-class, who continue pertinaciously to attempt to breed, once again threatening Britain with a superflux of urban spongers, though this is symbolically alleviated by the fact that cannibalism has become common. [JC]

Dora Eileen Agnew Wallace Rash

born Lorton, Cumberland: 18 June 1897

died Depwade, Norfolk: 22 October 1989


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