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Williams, Tess

(1954-    ) UK-born teacher, editor and author, in Australia for many years; she began publishing work of genre interest with "The Padwan Affair" in She's Fantastical (anth 1995) edited by Judith Raphael Buckrich and Lucy Sussex. Of sf interest are two novels: Map of Power (1996), set mostly in a Ruined-Earth Australia, where various strategies for survival – always in ignorance of the truth of things – are examined with some vigour; and Sea as Mirror (2000), a Near Future tale in which Feminist solutions to the growing environmental crises afflicting this planet (see Ecology; Pollution) are unpacked through an evolving relationship between cetaceans and Homo sapiens. Women of Other Worlds: Excursions Through Science Fiction and Feminism (anth 1999) with Helen Merrick is a reprint Anthology containing fiction and nonfiction arguments. [JC]

Tess Williams

born United Kingdom: 1954


works as editor


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