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Wilson, Daniel H

(1978-    ) US engineer and author, with a PhD in robotics, a competence and interest reflected from the beginning of his writing career with the publication of the nonfiction How to Survive a Robot Uprising (2005), a slightly jocose treatment of the "threat" to society of the Robot for a Young Adult audience. Some of his fiction as well, like A Boy and His Bot (2011; vt Code Lightfall and the Robot King 2011), has been directed to the same market. Of sf interest for older readers is Amped (2012), whose protagonist is adult; the tale is set in a Near Future world where humans with ability-enhancing implants are facing persecution – a fate not uncommon in similar novels featuring groups of Superheroes – and climaxes in Oklahoma, where "amps" may find safety, and perhaps change the world. The Robopocalypse sequence comprising Robopocalypse (2011) and Robogenesis (2014) returns to Wilson's engagement with robots: in the first volume, a rogue AI called Archos R-14 takes over the world's robots, commanding them to annihilate creatures of flesh; the war between flesh and machine that follows seems less designed for readers, even of Military SF, than for the sf Cinema, and a film version is currently in production. In the sequel, which is thematically similar to Amped, augmented humans are targeted by those who have been unmodified, and a new AI threatens the world, though Archos R-14 may have survived, and may now be on our side. [JC]

Daniel H Wilson

born Tulsa, Oklahoma: 6 March 1978




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