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Wilson, Snoo

(1948-2013) UK playwright and author, born Andrew James Wilson, whose sf novels Spaceache (1984) and Inside Babel (1985) comprise a short series of Satires whose targets are contemporary Politics and culture. Unfortunately, his use of sf instruments is significantly less competent than can be found in some more conventional Mainstream Writers of SF; his attempt to make surrealist fun of Space Opera in Spaceache founders on his manifest ignorance of its well-understood Clichés, its conventions and, indeed, of the scientific rationales underpinning the form. Inside Babel is a more traditional satire than its predecessor.

Wilson's plays are again surrealistic, but clearly more effectively so than his prose. [JC]

see also: Overpopulation; Radio.

Andrew James Wilson

born Reading, Berkshire: 2 August 1948

died Ashford, Kent: 3 July 2013


plays (highly selected)


Entry from The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (2011-current) edited by John Clute and David Langford.
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