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US Fanzine edited from Portland, Oregon, by Richard E Geis. For its first three issues, The Alien Critic was an informal magazine written entirely by the editor and titled Richard E. Geis. With the title-change in 1973, the magazine's contents began to diversify, featuring regular columns by John Brunner and Ted White as well as a variety of articles and a series of interviews with sf authors and artists, although its characteristic flavour still derived from the editor's own outspoken reviews and commentary. With #12 in 1975 the title changed to Science Fiction Review, a title used also by Geis for his previous fanzine Psychotic. The Alien Critic/Science Fiction Review won Hugos for Best Fanzine in 1974 (shared), 1975, 1977 and 1979. The Alien Critic's circulation became quite wide, and it effectively became a Semiprozine. A small amount of fiction appeared, mostly reprints and vignettes but including a serialization in four parts of Geis's novel "One Immortal Man" (May-November/December 1978). In pain from arthritis, Geis cancelled the magazine after #61 in November 1986, though he continued to publish shorter, more personal fanzines under other titles.

Science Fiction Review was revived as a Semiprozine, edited by Elton T Elliott in 1989, with regular fiction (though only one story in some issues) added to the old Science Fiction Review mix; ten issues to May 1992, none since. The schedule changed from quarterly to monthly with #5, December 1991, at which point the magazine also began to be sold at newsstands. This brave attempt at making a Small-Press magazine fully professional foundered five issues later. [MJE/PN/DRL]

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