Lore, Pittacus

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House Name owned by James Frey (1969-    ) – not to be confused with James N Frey – a serially controversial novelist and screenwriter whose works include the heavily fabricated addiction memoir A Million Little Pieces (2003) and the contemporary Messiah fantasy The Final Testament of the Holy Bible (2011). The Lore house name is associated with his Young Adult "fiction factory" Full Fathom Five, whose contractual terms have attracted further notoriety. Pittacus Lore is an unseen character in, and ostensible author of, the Lorien Legacies Series about a group of nine teenage Alien refugees on Earth hunted by agents of the Mogadorian hegemony which has already destroyed their homeworld; fortu...


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The roots of Bulgarian sf can be found in the 1920s, when Svetoslav Minkov published three unusual collections of short stories: Siniata Hrizantema ["The Blue Chrysanthemum"] (coll 1921), Tshasovnik ["Clock"] (coll 1924) and Ognena Ptitza ["The Fire Bird"] (coll 1927). Minkov's work noticeably resembles that of Edgar Allan Poe, H P Lovecraft and the German decadents of his period, and may be closer to the "diabolic" fantasy of the German Romantics than to the main current of sf. A collection in English of Minkov's work is The Lady with the X-Ray Eyes (coll trans 1965 Bulgaria). Perhaps Georgi Iliev, author of the novels O-Korse (1930) and Teut se Bountuva ["Teut Rebels"] (1933), should be re...

Lost Planet, The

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1. Film serial (1953; vt Planet Men). Columbia. Directed by Spencer G Bennet. Written by George H Plympton, Arthur Hoerl. Cast includes Michael Fox, Judd Holdren, Vivian Mason, Gene Roth, Forrest Taylor and Ted Thorpe. 15 instalments. Black and white. This Children's SF series – Hollywood's last sf serial – pits investigative reporter Rex Barrow (Holdren) against Mad Scientist Dr Grood (Fox) and planetary dictator Reckov (Roth), who plans an attempted alien Invasion of Earth. There is also a Robot. Individual "chapters" are given titles like "Blasted by the Thermic Disintegrator", "The Mind Control Machine" and "Snared by the Prysmic Catapult"; dialogue includes such memorable lines as "How...

Ray Gun

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This generic energy Weapon, usually hand-held, is one of the best-known sf Clichés which became established in the Pulp magazine era; hence the Retro-Pulp magazine title Ray Gun Revival. The term seems to have been coined by Victor Rousseau in The Messiah of the Cylinder (June-September 1917 Everybody's Magazine; 1917; vt The Apostle of the Cylinder 1918), whose magazine serialization includes this passage: All is not going well, Arnold: the ray-rods are emptying fast, and our attack upon the lower level of the wing has failed. Sanson has placed a ray-gun there. All depends on the air-scouts, and we must hold our positions until the battle-planes arrive.The revised book edition has "Ray gun...

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