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Karlson, Hans

Tagged: Author | House name

An Australian pseudonym – or more likely House Name – used on one novella-length Scientific Thrillers tale of sf interest, Atomic Death (1948 chap), in which an Invention capable of enlarging or Miniaturizing all matter is stolen by criminals. [JC] "Hans Karlson" works Atomic Death (Sydney, New South Wales: Transport Publishing, 1948) [novella: chap: Scientific Thriller series: pb/Maurice Bramley] links Picture Gallery...


Tagged: International

Brazilian Proto SF is being slowly rediscovered in the last decades, revealing some works that shed light on the problematic relationship between scientific ideas and the literature of fiction in the country. An early important text is Páginas da história do Brasil, escritas no ano 2000 ["Pages of a History of Brazil, Written in the Year 2000"] (1868-1872 in the newspaper O Jequitinhonha) by Joaquim Felício dos Santos (1828-1895), a Satirical work set in the future. Also satirical, but minor, is the earlier short story "O Fim do mundo" ["The End of the World"] (1857 Jornal do Commercio, Rio de Janeiro), by Joaquim Manuel de Macedo (1820-1882), in which a Comet strikes Rio de Janeiro causing...

Weird Circle, The

Tagged: Radio

Radio series (1943-1945), RCA Recording Services. Syndicated for the Mutual Broadcasting System and the NBC Red Radio Network. Staff writers included Peggy Mayer. Announcers/narrators: unknown. 79 30-minute episodes. Primarily a Horror, mystery and suspense anthology series, The Weird Circle also offered some adaptations of early sf stories. These include The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket (1838) by Edgar Allan Poe (5 August 1943); The Haunted and the Haunters, or The House and the Brain (August 1859 Blackwood's Magazine; 1905 chap) by Edward Bulwer Lytton, adapted as "The House and the Mind" (8 September 1943); What Was It? A Mystery (March 1859 Harper's; 1974 chap) by Fitz-Ja...

Sherlock Holmes

Tagged: Theme

Arthur Conan Doyle's iconic hero (see Icons) Sherlock Holmes was introduced as a scientific detective operating by rigorous logic – Doyle's master-stroke being to show him through the eyes of his staunch but uncomprehending companion Doctor Watson. Although Holmes did not always fully live up to this description, he is an inevitable underlier figure for sf Scientists and other reasoners confronted not only by impersonal theoretical problems but by the trickier complications of real-life Crime and Punishment. The closest approach to sf in the original Doyle canon is the late story "The Adventure of the Creeping Man" (March 1923 Strand), which takes a dim view of the popular "monkey gland" Rej...

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