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Aelita Award

Tagged: Award

The most prestigious Soviet sf award, founded in 1981 by the Russian Federation Writers' Union and Ural'skii sledopyt ["Urals Pathfinder"] magazine. The latter was published from the city of Ekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk until 1991), so the ceremony is held there as part of the annual Aelita Convention. The winner is chosen by a panel of judges. Although instituted as an award for the best single sf work published in the previous year, it appears to have become a sort of "Life Achievement" trophy. Winners are listed below. [DRL/VG]Aelita Award winners 1981: (tie) Arkady and Boris Strugatski; Alexander Kazantsev 1982: Zinovii Yuriev 1983: Vladislav Krapivin 1984: Sergei Snegov 1985: Sergei Pa...

Captain Midnight

Tagged: Film | TV | Character

1. Serial Film (1942). Columbia Pictures. Directed by James W. Horne. Written by Basil Dickey, Wyndham Gittens, George Plympton and Jack Stanley, based on the radio serial Captain Midnight (1938-1949) created and written by Wilfred G. Moore and Robert M. Burtt. 15 episodes; total running time 270 minutes. Cast includes James Craven, Sam Edwards, Knox Manning (narrator), Dave O'Brien and Luana Walters. Black and white. Highly skilled airman Captain Albright (O'Brien), nicknamed Captain Midnight, leads the Secret Squadron, a team which includes Midnight's young ward Chuck Ramsay (Edwards) and aeroplane mechanic Ichabod "Ikky" Mudd. The opposition is led by the Mad Scientist Ivan Shark (Craven...

Larbalestier, Justine

Tagged: Author | Editor | Critic

(1967-    ) Australian author, critic and anthologist, married since 2001 to Scott Westerfeld. She began to publish genre criticism with "Ending the Battle of the Sexes? Hermaphroditism in Venus Plus X by Theodore Sturgeon and 'Motherhood, Etc.' by L. Timmel Duchamp" for The New York Review of Science Fiction, January 1997, and fiction with "The Cruel Brother" for Strange Horizons, October 2001. Her novels, written for the Young Adult audience, are chiefly fantasy and include the Reason Cansino sequence opening with Magic or Madness (2005) – which won the Andre Norton Award (see Nebula) – and the teen-Vampire tale Team Human (2012) with Sarah Rees Brennan. Opulent Darkness: The Werewolves o...

Parallel Worlds

Tagged: Theme

A parallel world is another universe situated "alongside" our own, displaced from it along a spatial fourth Dimension (parallel worlds are often referred to in sf as "other dimensions"). Although whole universes may lie parallel in this sense, most stories focus on parallel Earths. The parallel-world idea forms a useful framework for the notion of Alternate History, and is often used in this way. Most of the "secondary worlds" of modern Fantasy are explicit or implicit parallel worlds. Notable early sf extrapolations include J-H Rosny aîné's Un autre monde (1895 Revue Parisienne #5; exp as coll 1898; trans as "Another World" in A Century of Science Fiction, anth 1962, ed Damon Knight) – whos...

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