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First Fandom Hall of Fame

Tagged: Fan | Award

A fan Award presented annually since 1963 by First Fandom, for contributions over 30 or more years to the field of science fiction. Such contributions may be as a fan, writer, editor, artist, agent, or any combination of these. This honour may be given to living persons or posthumously; each year now normally features Hall of Fame additions in both categories. The award is one of several which by fan tradition have been presented at Worldcon as an overture to (or during an interlude in) the Hugo ceremony, although more recently there has been a tendency to minimize the length of this event by presenting lesser-known awards as a separate programme item. The First Fandom Hall of Fame should n...


Tagged: Music

Swiss electronic pop band, comprising Dieter Meier (1945-    ) and Boris Blanc (1952-    ). Yello's music is stylistically varied but tends towards bright, upbeat, cartoonish musical primary colours. Their fourth album Stella (1985) includes their most famous single, "Oh Yeah", whose elasticated beats, intriguing combination of sounds and low-register gravelly singing is characteristic of the band. Of more SF Music genre interest is Pocket Universe (1997): a perky and likeable portfolio of songs that bounce their way through a left-field cosmic voyage. The prickly thumpings of "Planet Dada" (on The Eye, 2005) sounds superficially more serious, like a hyperactive Kraftwerk, but actually the s...

Proyas, Alex

Tagged: Film | People

(1963-    ) Egyptian-born Australian filmmaker who directed music video and advertisements before writing and directing his first feature Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds (1989), a Post-Holocaust film with a strong sense of landscape in the distinctive Australian branch of that tradition. His Hollywood debut was the moody, stylish Comics adaptation The Crow (1994), which achieved a tragic notoriety in the death of its star, Brandon Lee, from a misfiring prop gun during filming. Proyas was badly affected by the experience and pulled out of his next assignment, the comics-based children's fantasy Casper (1995), but returned with one of the decade's key sf films in Dark City (1998), a...


Tagged: Theme

Medical applications of Technology comprise one of the few areas where the cutting edge of scientific research impinges directly and intimately upon ordinary human life. New medicines are so rapidly brought into everyday use that it is easy to forget how rapid progress has been, and that barely 100 years separates us from the crucial Conceptual Breakthroughs associated with the development of organic chemistry and the germ theory enunciated by Louis Pasteur (1822-1895). Even people who can find little else to say in favour of science and technology (see Anti-Intellectualism in SF) are usually grateful for the benefits of scientific medicine, although the rapid recent growth of "alternative m...

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