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Gauld, Tom

Tagged: Art

(1976-    ) Scottish illustrator, cartoonist and author, active since the beginning of the twenty-first century; he is perhaps best known for a weekly strip cartoon published in the Guardian, a full representative assembly of this material being You're All Just Jealous of My Jetpack (graph coll 2013). Goliath (graph 2012), about the tragically reluctant warrior, is based on the biblical story. Of direct sf interest is Mooncop (graph 2016), a superficially winsome but subtly and implacably melancholy Graphic Novel set in the Near Future on the Moon just after attempts at settlement have clearly proven unprofitable. The protagonist, a policeman who is the last non-Robot representative of gover...

Archimedean Dynasty

Tagged: Game

Videogame (1996; vt Silent Running in Germany). Massive Development (MD). Designed by Alexander Jorias, Helmut Halfmann. Platforms: DOS. Archimedean Dynasty is an example of an unusual Videogame form, the "sub sim" – a Space Sim which has been transposed from an interplanetary to an underwater milieu. Its ocean world is displayed in real time and in three dimensions when the player is piloting their character's submarine Under the Sea, and as a series of static images when they are talking to the inhabitants of the game's various undersea Cities. As in many Space Sims, the gameplay revolves around a variety of missions which the player can undertake, including transporting cargo, escorting...

Farrago's Wainscot

Tagged: Publication

US Online Magazine of experimental fiction and estrangement produced by Darin Bradley of Greenville, South Carolina. It ran for twelve loosely themed issues between Winter (January) 2007 and October 2009, and was then suspended until January 2015 when a thirteenth issue appeared. Most of the fiction and poetry was some form of the fantastic, often surreal, post-modern, rarely traditional, and it attracted many new, young fantasists amongst them Forrest Aguirre, Hannah Wolf Bowen, Jay Lake, Yoon Ha Lee, Ekaterine Sedia and Catherynne M Valente. Whilst the magazine's desire for unconventionality tended to produce the weird and the strange, it also demonstrated the flexibility of science fictio...

Tesla, Nikola

Tagged: Theme | People

(1856-1943) Croatian-born (though of Serbian origin) inventor, engineer and futurist, in the US from 1884, where he was immediately hired by Thomas A Edison (1847-1931) for the Edison Machine Works. The association with Edison would benefit and plague both men for the rest of their lives: Edison the pragmatic (and sometimes unscrupulous) inventor as entrepreneur; Tesla the visionary (and sometimes nearly demented) inventor as Mad Scientist and/or prophet – though the first novel to feature him – Weldon J Cobb's To Mars with Tesla; Or, the Mystery of the Hidden World (1901) – treats him as another Edison, with an emphasis on the Technology of invention. Tesla's own far-reaching Inventions, bo...

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