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Hetzel, Jules

Tagged: Editor | Community

(1814-1886) French publisher and editor, best known outside of France for his significant (at times almost co-creative) relationship with Jules Verne, most of whose work first appeared in his magazine, the Magasin d'éducation et de récréation ["Magazine of Education and Entertainment"], and subsequently in book form in the Voyages Extraordinaires ["Extraordinary Voyages"] sequence, from Voyages et aventures du capitaine Hatteras (1864 Magasin d'éducation et de récréation; 1866; trans as The Adventures of Captain Hatteras 1874) until Verne's death. Hetzel created the concept of the Voyages Extraordinaires to showcase Verne as not only an author of individual fictions but of a kind of synoptic...

Kent, Brad

Tagged: Author | House name

A House Name used on four routine sf adventures published by Curtis Warren, three by Denis Hughes and Out of the Silent Places (1952) by Maurice G Hugi. [JC/DRL]"Brad Kent"works Listed in alphabetical order of true author: Biology "A" (London: Curtis Warren, 1952) by Denis Hughes [pb/Gordon C Davies] The Fatal Law (London: Curtis Warren, 1952) by Denis Hughes [pb/Ray Theobald] Catalyst (London: Curtis Warren, 1952) by Denis Hughes [pb/Ray Theobald] Out of the Silent Places (London: Curtis Warren, 1952) by Maurice G Hugi [pb/Gordon C Davies]links Internet Speculative Fiction Database Picture Gallery...

Sussex, Lucy

Tagged: Author | Editor | Critic

(1957-    ) New Zealand-born author and critic, mostly in Australia since 1971; she began publishing work of genre interest with "The Parish and Mrs Brown" in Dreamworks: Strange New Stories (anth 1983) edited by David King, the first of a number of interesting sf Fabulations like "The Lipton Village Society" (in Strange Attractors, anth 1985, edited by Damien Broderick), in which alienated people create an Alternate History by force of will. These two and "My Lady Tongue" (in Matilda at the Speed of Light, anth 1988, edited by Damien Broderick), about life inside (and outside) a utopian Feminist lesbian community, were assembled with early work including "God and Her Black Sense of Humour"...


Tagged: International

Mostly influenced by Jules Verne and Camille Flammarion, Spanish nineteenth-century Proto SF featured four voyage-to-the-Moon tales, beginning with the anonymous didactic utopia Viage de un filósofo a Selenópolis ["Selenopolis"] (1804); Joaquín Castillo y Mayone's oneiric story Zulema y Lambert ["Zulema and Lambert"] (1832); Miguel Estorch y Siqués' Lunigrafía ["Moonography"] (1855-1858) and Aureliano de Colmenares y Orgaz's Selenia ["Selenia"] (1863). Travel to Jupiter and Saturn (see Outer Planets) are respectively featured in Antonio de San Martín's Un viaje al planeta Júpiter ["A Voyage to the Planet Jupiter"] (1871) and in Tirso Aguimana de Veca's proto-Sword and Sorcery Una temporada e...

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