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Warren Publishing

Tagged: Comics | Community

US magazine publisher founded in 1957, named after its founder James Warren (1930-    ) and active for several decades. Warren launched Forrest J Ackerman's monster/sf/Monster Movies film magazine Famous Monsters of Filmland in 1958; this had many imitators in the 1960s and 1970s, most short-lived. Ackerman also produced Spacemen magazine for Warren from 1961 to 1965, ten issues overall including a final Annual issue. This was the first dedicated sf film magazine, foreshadowing many others to come in the 1970s. Warren was best known for the black-and-white Horror anthology Comics-format magazines Creepy and Eerie, which proved lasting successes. The company briefly issued the war comics mag...

International Fantasy Award

Tagged: Award

UK-based Award, made annually from 1951 to 1955 and finally in 1957. The idea came from four UK enthusiasts: John Beynon Harris (John Wyndham), Frank Cooper, G Ken Chapman and Leslie Flood. The International Fantasy Awards were presented to the authors of the best fantasy or sf book of the year, with a second category for the best nonfiction book likely to be of interest to sf readers; the nonfiction class was dropped after 1953. Winners were selected by a panel of prominent sf personalities; from 1952 the panel was international. The award took the form of a trophy. Once the Hugos had been successfully launched, some of the raison d'être for the awards was gone, but in their time they were...

Tochterman, Vered

Tagged: Author | Editor | Fan

(1970-    ) Argentinean-born author, in Israel since the age of two. She was a major driving force in the flourishing of the new Israeli fandom scene in the 1990s, vigorously inhabiting the various online forums then coming into being, and playing an important role in the formation of now-established fan institutions, most of which are associated with the Israeli Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy (see Conventions).She was the founding editor of the magazine Chalomot Be'aspamia ["Dreams in Aspamia" or, loosely translated, "Pipe Dreams"], editing sixteen issues from September 2002 to 2007, after which the editorial role was taken over by Nir Yaniv. The magazine focused on original Hebrew...

Olša, Jaroslav, Jr

Tagged: Author | Editor | Critic

(1964-    ) Czech and Czechoslovak diplomat whose posts include those of Ambassador to Zimbabwe (2000-2006), South Korea (2008-2014) and the Philippines (2014-2018); Consul General in Los Angeles (2020-current); author of books on history, art and literature of Asia and Africa; also sf editor, translator and bibliographer. Olša started the major Czechoslovak fanzine Ikarie XB (1986-1989), which turned into the first Czechoslovak and Czech sf monthly magazine Ikarie (published 1990-2010, now published as XB-1) of which he was for a time assistant editor. His most important role in sf studies has been as co-editor of the Czech Encyklopedie literatury science fiction ["Encyclopedia of Science F...

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