Tiner, Ron

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(1940-    ) UK artist initially best known for his work on children's Comics, then as a books illustrator, and latterly as an educator and author in the fields of Comics, sf and fantasy illustration. For financial reasons he was unable to attend art college, so originally followed a career in telecommunications. At age 25 he turned to teaching art in schools, producing Comics art in various genres including sf under the pseudonym Ron Tiner (which name he now uses for all purposes) to conceal his identity from employers and students alike; his first professional commission was drawing the strip "Spring-Heeled Jack" for the comic Hotspur. In due course he began drawing for grown-up Comics as w...

Deus Ex

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Videogame (2000). Ion Storm (IS). Designed by Warren Spector, Harvey Smith. Platforms: Mac, Win (2000); vt Deus Ex: The Conspiracy, PS2 (2002).Deus Ex is a First Person Shooter which borrows many elements from Computer Role Playing Games. Notably, it includes the ability to improve the player character's skills by training and Nanotechnological augmentation, creating a persona specialized in such activities as sniping or stealthy intrusion. The gameplay centres on missions performed by the player, which can typically be completed in a variety of different ways, including infiltration, negotiation and hacking into computer systems. Physical combat is rarely required to complete an objective,...

Asimov's SF Adventure Magazine

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US sf and fantasy magazine, a companion to Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine (> Asimov's Science Fiction) issued in letter-size semi-Slick format and published quarterly, four issues, Fall 1978 to Fall 1979. Following the success of the original Star Wars film Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977), Asimov's SF Adventure was aimed at a younger, less discriminating audience than its elder companion magazine, though at the time that too was targeting younger readers. It sought to fill the gap once held by Planet Stories which was essentially to publish stirring space adventures. For the first issue Poul Anderson updated a story of his from Planet Stories, "Captive of the Centaurianess...

Slow Glass

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A glass-like substance based on Imaginary Science, which in effect has a refractive index so huge that light takes significant time – from seconds to many years – to pass through a sheet or block of the material. It thus functions as a limited Time Viewer. Bob Shaw coined the term in his fine story "Light of Other Days" (August 1966 Analog), where slow-glass scenic windows or "scenedows" allow urban apartments to look out on beautiful stored country landscapes. This and other Slow Glass stories are incorporated into Shaw's Other Days, Other Eyes (fixup 1972). Glass with similar properties also features in earlier fiction: "The Mirror That Remembered" (in The Strange Papers of Dr Blayre, coll...

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