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Tor Books

Tagged: Community

US publishing company – initially of paperbacks and later moving into hardcover also – founded by Tom Doherty, then aged 44, in 1980, in conjunction with Richard Gallen; the first titles were published in 1981. Doherty had previously been in control of Ace Books for five years. The first editor-in-chief was Harriet McDougal, and first head sf editor was Jim Baen, who left in 1983 to form his own company in 1984. Beth Meacham became sf/fantasy editor in 1984, soon becoming editor-in-chief; David Hartwell became consulting sf editor the same year, remaining with the firm until his death in 2016. This put two of the most expert sf editors in the US in the same company. Tor expanded rapidly, pub...

McCarthy, Shawna

Tagged: Editor

(1954-    ) US editor who served 1983-1985 as editor of Asimov's Science Fiction, during which period she won a 1984 Hugo as best professional editor; and 1985-1988 as sf editor of Bantam Books. For Asimov's she produced four anthologies: Isaac Asimov's Wonders of the World (anth 1982), Isaac Asimov's Aliens & Outworlders (anth 1983), Isaac Asimov's Space of Her Own (anth 1984; vt Isaac Asimov's Space of Your Own 1984; cut under original title 1989) and Isaac Asimov's Fantasy! (anth 1985; cut 1990). With Lou Aronica of Bantam she was involved in the Full Spectrum original-anthology series, editing Full Spectrum (anth 1988) with Aronica – this won a Locus Award as best anthology – and Full Sp...


Tagged: Theme

Item of sf Terminology coined by K W Jeter in a letter (April 1987 Locus) – by analogy with Cyberpunk – to describe the modern subgenre whose sf events take place against an Alternate History nineteenth-century background (see also Malachronism), usually an Invention-saturated version of Victorian/Edwardian England, with a temporal real-world terminus normally being a point just before the outbreak of World War One. It is a subgenre to which some distinguished work attaches, though initially in no great quantity. There are a number of works of proto-Steampunk, some by UK writers, such as Christopher Priest's The Space Machine (1976), in which H G Wells himself plays a Recursive role, and Mic...

Cleopatra 2525

Tagged: TV

US tv series (2000-2001). Renaissance Pictures/Universal Television Network. Syndicated. Created by R J Stewart and Robert G Tapert. Executive producer: Sam Raimi. Producers: Janine Dickens, Chloe Smith. Directors included T J Scott, Rick Jacobsen and Andrew Merrifield. Writers included Carl Ellsworth, Kevin Lund, Chris Black and Hilary Bader. Cast includes Elizabeth Hawthorne, Victoria Pratt, Jennifer Sky and Gina Torres. 28 episodes total; first season 22 to 25 minutes; second season 42 to 45 minutes. Colour.Exotic dancer Cleopatra or "Cleo" (Sky) is undergoing breast augmentation surgery in 2000 when complications arise; she is placed in experimental Suspended Animation and forgotten abou...

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