Randall, John D

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(1944-    ) US author of an extremely late Yellow Peril tale, The Tojo Virus (1991), in which a Japanese super-corporation plans to infect America's Computers with an incapacitating virus (see Paranoia). [JC] John D Randall born 1944 died works The Tojo Virus (New York: Zebra Books, 1991) [pb/] links...

Bellona, Destroyer of Cities

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Performance (2010). Based on Dhalgren (1975; rev 1977; rev 2001) by Samuel R Delany. Adapted and directed by Jay Scheib, featuring Sarita Choudhury, Caleb Hammond, and Mikéah Ernest Jennings. Set by Peter Ksander. Videography by Carrie Mae Weems and Jay Scheib.Bellona, Destroyer of Cities is a multimedia performance based on Samuel R Delany's mobius-like novel Dhalgren. The performance premiered at The Kitchen, an innovative avante-garde playhouse, in New York City, 1 April 2010. The novel, pronounced unreadable by such sf luminaries as Philip K Dick and Harlan Ellison, was adapted for the stage by director Jay Scheib of MIT as part two of a trilogy of performances entitled Simulated Cities/...

Orlacs Hände

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1. Film (1924; vt The Hands of Orlac). Pan Film. Directed by Robert Wiene. Written by Louis Nerz, based on Les mains d'Orlac (15 May-12 July 1920 L'Intransigeant; 1921; trans as The Hands of Orlac 1929; new trans 1981) by Maurice Renard. Cast includes Carmen Cartellieri, Fritz Kortner, Alexandra Sorina and Conrad Veidt. 92 minutes, cut to 70 minutes. Black and white. In this Austrian film from the director of The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari (1919), a pianist whose injured hands have been replaced with those of an executed murderer inherits also the murderer's homicidal tendencies, and must struggle against the domination of the dead man. The central idea is scientifically absurd, but it has...

Power Sources

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We live in an age of imminent resources crisis, anxiously anticipating the depletion of fossil-fuel reserves even while we become reluctant to rely on Nuclear Energy because of the Pollution problems caused by radioactive wastes and the necessary expense of decommissioning obsolete, contaminated installations. New options rely either on discoveries not yet made – the development of nuclear-fusion reactors, or of more efficient ways to convert solar energy into electricity – or on a political will which governments of all persuasions seem too short-sighted to exercise, as with tidal and wind power. There was, however, little trace of such anxieties in sf published before public concern began...

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