Howes, Margaret

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(1927-2008) US sf fan and author of The Wrong World (2000), in which a deracinated young man seeks his father on another planet, which may not be the right world either, and which (> Equipoise) may be a projection. [JC]Margaret J Howesborn 8 September 1927died Minneapolis, Minnesota: 15 April 2008works The Wrong World (Minnetonka, Minnesota: FTL Publications, 2000) [pb/Terry Miller and Rita Miller]links Internet Speculative Fiction Database...

First Fandom

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Informal fan organization founded in 1959, originally confined to those active in Fandom prior to 1938. Owing to the inevitable attrition of these "golden era" or "dinosaur" fans, associate membership has for many years been available to anyone participating in fan activities (including Fanzines, conventions and sf clubs) for 30 or more years. Two awards are presented: the annual addition of a new member to the First Fandom Hall of Fame and, since 1998, the less regular Sam Moskowitz Archive Award for excellence in sf collecting (> Collections). [DRL]links First Fandom Sam Moskowitz Archive Award...

Arrested Development

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Term used in this encyclopedia for the not uncommon scenario whereby humanity's perceived failure to realize its potential – assumed by John W Campbell Jr and others to be boundless – results from externally imposed shackles whose recognition can amply justify Paranoia. Removal of these constraints is likely to trigger a more or less traumatic Conceptual Breakthrough. Though Alice Roosevelt Longworth (1884-1980) wrote that "the secret of eternal youth is arrested development", this encyclopedia's use of the term is unrelated to either psychological impairment or Immortality.The classic sf example is the Intelligence-inhibiting spatial field from which Earth emerges in Poul Anderson's Brain W...

Man and the Challenge, The

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US tv series (1959-1960). ZIV Television Programmes for NBC-TV. Created by Ivan Tors. Produced by Tors. Associate Producer Andrew Marton. Directors included Richard Carlson, Alan Crosland Jr, Tom Gries, Otto Lang. Writers included Don Brinkley, Carlson, Gene Levitt, Arthur Weiss. Starring George Nader, Joyce Meadows, Jack Ging. 36 30-minute episodes. Black and white.Dr Glen Barton (Nader) is a research Scientist working for the Institute of Human Factors agency along with Lynn Allen (Meadows) and Dan Wright (Ging); he leads a project designed to test the limits of human endurance, conducted on behalf of the US government. Topics covered include ESP, extreme Psychological fear, isolation expe...

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