Chaykin, Howard V

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(1950-    ) US writer/illustrator, mainly of Comics. Chaykin's first professional work was the 1973 art for Marvel Comics's War of the Worlds (a sequel to H G Wells's novel!) and DC Comics's Sword of Sorcery (which featured Fritz Leiber's Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser). Much of his work has been sf. He was writer/artist on Cody Starbuck and Iron Wolf before drawing the bestselling adaptation of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977) for Marvel in 1976. Chaykin teamed up with Samuel R Delany to produce the Graphic Novel Empire (graph 1978), and the following year he worked with Michael Moorcock on The Swords of Heaven, the Flowers of Hell (graph 1979), a story in Moorcock's Eternal Champion s...

Web and Starship

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Board and counter Wargame (1984). West End Games (WEG). Designed by Greg Costikyan.Web and Starship is a Hard SF Wargame played on a two-dimensional map of nearby stars, with the third dimension represented by notations on the display. The setting is asymmetric; there are three players, each of whom has different capabilities. The Pereen can travel between stars by means of an instantaneous "Web", but must use slower-than-light probes to add new planets to the network, while the Gwynhyfarr use Faster Than Light ships, which are too small to move large amounts of material from one star to another. As a result, the Pereen will generally win in any ground combat, while the Gwynhyfarr forces are...


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US magazine; letter-size and on Slick paper; 13 issues, Spring 1978 to October 1981; published by M W Communications Inc (William G Wilson and Robert V Michelucci), Pittsburgh; edited by William G Wilson Jr. The final, redesigned issue, had a new title: Quest/Star, subtitled "The World of Science Fiction".Questar began as a media Semiprozine largely devoted to talk about Comics and sf Cinema. The third issue (March 1979) introduced interior colour illustration and a greater concentration on movies and interviews; with the fourth issue (August 1979) it began to include a single story per issue, none of very high quality. Though glossy, the magazine remained insipid. However, from the seventh...


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Item of sf Terminology coined by K W Jeter in a letter (April 1987 Locus) – by analogy with Cyberpunk – to describe the modern subgenre whose sf events take place against a nineteenth-century background (see also Malachronism). It is a subgenre to which some distinguished work attaches, though initially in no great quantity. There are a number of works of proto-Steampunk, some by UK writers, such as Christopher Priest's The Space Machine (1976), in which H G Wells himself plays a Recursive role, and Michael Moorcock's Oswald Bastable books, beginning with The Warlord of the Air (1971), which are at once a critique and a nostalgic expression of the technological optimism of the Edwardian era....

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