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(1956-    ) US newspaperman and author who began publishing sf with "Absolutely the Last, This Is It, No More, the Final Pact With the Devil Story" for The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction in February 1981; his second, "Going after Arviq" (in Afterwar, anth 1985, ed Janet E Morris), was expanded (with the name respelled) into his second novel, AGVIQ: The Whale (1990), a Post-Holocaust tale set in Alaska featuring a woman anthropologist whose book-knowledge of the ancient ways of the Eskimo usefully sophisticates the vitality of the tribal survivors. Michael Armstrong's first novel, After the Zap (1987), was likewise set in Alaska, in this case in a People's Republic which has survived the phenomenon of the title, a pulse that, down south, has scrambled brains and Computers alike. The young protagonist of his third novel, The Hidden War (1994), attempts to defend his asteroid-belt home (whose culture is nostalgically based on the Beat literature of the 1950s), is captured and imprisoned, but then finds Earth to differ vastly from his preconceptions; meanwhile an Alien invasion threatens. [JC]

Michael Allan Armstrong

born Charlottesville, Virginia: 1956




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