Attack of the Crab Monsters

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Film (1957). Los Altos/Allied Artists. Directed by Roger Corman. Written by Charles B Griffith. Cast includes Leslie Bradley, Pamela Duncan, Richard Garland and Russell Johnson. 70 minutes cut to 64 minutes. Black and white.

Two giant crabs, mutations (see Mutants) caused by radiation from an H-bomb test on an island, scuttle out of the sea and destroy all of one and most of another expedition to the island. Eerily, they take over the minds (and voices) of their victims; it is disturbing when a crab the size of a van speaks to you in the voice of your recently deceased best friend. Vintage Corman: fast, absurd, intelligently scripted, made on a shoestring. One of the more memorable Monster Movies of the 1950s boom. [PN]


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