Baird, Thomas

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(1923-1990) US art historian, a lecturer with the Frick Collection 1954-1957, latterly a professor of art; his several well-received novels, beginning with Triumphal Entry (1962), often dealt with art history; none of this early work contained any significant element of the fantastic, but Where Time Ends (1988) is a Young Adult tale of some interest set in a Near Future world threatened by biological warfare, and Smart Rats (1990) even more darkly presents a vision of a Big-Brother Dystopia, an environmentally-degraded twenty-first-century Ruined Earth in which children are forcibly removed from their families as part of the government's need to control its citizens. [JC]

Thomas Patton Baird

born Omaha, Nebraska: 22 April 1923

died Hartford, Connecticut: 28 March 1990



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