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(?   -    ) US author who began to publish work of genre interest with "Throwing Stones" in Beneath Ceaseless Skies for July 2010. She is of some sf interest for the first volume of her Arcadia Project sequence, Borderline (2016), a tale which edges occasionally in Equipoisal implications of transgressiveness in its depiction of an amputee with borderline personality disorder who (as it were punningly) is recruited by a covert organization (the Arcadia Project) to monitor the Crosshatch borderline between this world and Faerie [for Crosshatch and Faerie see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below]. The disappearance of a faerie noble in Los Angeles (see California) propels the action. The second volume, Phantom Pains (2017), verges towards template. [JC]

Mishell Baker





The Arcadia Project

  • Borderline (New York: Simon and Schuster/Saga Press, 2016) [Arcadia Project: hb/various sources]
  • Phantom Pains (New York: Simon and Schuster/Saga Press, 2017) [Arcadia Project: hb/]
  • Imposter Syndrome (New York: Simon and Schuster/Saga Press, 2018) [Arcadia Project: hb/Jill Wachter]


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