Balint, Emery

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(1892-1982) US painter and author of Hungarian origins; it is not known if he himself emigrated from Hungary, as his first novel, the phantasmagoric Alpha (trans Louis Rittenberg 1927), may have been translated from manuscript. His sf novel is Don't Inhale It! (1949), in which a nuclear test accidentally splits Earth in sparring planetoids; Satire is intended. [JC]

Emery Balint [Imre Bálint;]

born Hungary: 26 May 1892

died Eugene, Oregon: 3 September 1982


  • Alpha (New York: Macy Masius, 1927) [trans by Louis Rittenberg: hb/]
  • Don't Inhale It! (New York: Gaer Associates, 1949) [hb/]


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