Balscopo, Giovanni Battista

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A pseudonym, possibly of the ostensible translator from the Italian of the manuscript of his Satire, John Trotter (1788-1852), though Trotter himself not been identified. In his preface to Travels in Phrenologasto (1825), he claims to have been given Balscopo's manuscript in Bavaria; it is a Fantastic Voyage via Balloon to the planet of Phrenologasto, in close orbit around Earth, whose inhabitants invariably exhibit phrenological maps on their shaved heads. As they are Italians long severed from their native land, Travels may be deemed a Lost Race tale. [JC]

John Trotter

born Bush, Midlothian: 10 July 1788

died Bush, Midlothian: 13 or 15 November 1852



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