Barr, Donald

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(1921-2004) US author and academic, former assistant dean of the Engineering School of Columbia University, and author of several nonfiction works for children as well as Who Pushed Humpty Dumpty, or The Education of a Headmaster (1971), on US education. His sf novel, Space Relations: A Slightly Gothic Interplanetary Tale (1973), is a Space Opera interlaced amusingly with "literary" analogues to its tale of a space diplomat, sold into Slavery, who is sexually excited by fear, thus enticing a princess, and who also finds out grim secrets about an alien Invasion of Earth. A Planet in Arms (1981) is noticeably less elated. [JC]

Donald Barr

born New York: 2 August 1921

died Langhorne, Pennsylvania: 5 February 2004



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